Here are the required things you must do to become an administrator of this wiki:

  • Grammer Edits must be made as sometimes grammer or words are not right.
  • You Must be here daily
  • Make big edits, not minor edits
  • You must know a lot of this info
  • Make sure to watch the wiki well
  • You have to make sure everything is in order here
  • Many good things should come from you
  • You must promise not to abuse your admin rights in anyway
  • You can can not be kickbanned a week before
  • You must have good facts not good enough facts
  • Requests, idea, and helping out is a requirment
  • You Have to enjoy this
  • You must have a certain amount of edits!

Those are some things you must do to become an admin. Remeber to send a request though when you are ready!

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