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  • Niktext

    More and more updates are going to be made on this wiki to make your enjoyment here even stronger! One new thing that will be coming soon is the message wall system. Instead of using a talk page we will now have message walls that will look much more cooler on this wiki and make it more fun!

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  • Niktext

    An Overview

    January 4, 2012 by Niktext

    Welcome to the Hindu Temple wiki where you can learn about all the Hindu temples in the World! A quick word is that we want people to make accurate and good things here versus just coming and guessing what Hindu Temples are and guessing where they are. Make sure all your info is real and not just a rumor that someone made up on the internet! Also if any page is filled with bad things or just plan badly made it will be deleted and if any users here start to spam or urt this wiki in anyway they will be blocked from this wiki!

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  • Niktext

    Welcome Post!

    January 2, 2012 by Niktext

    Welcome everyone to the Hindu Temple Wiki! We are all here deticated to the reasearch of Hindu Temples around the world! We welcome everyone who knows about this subject so come and help us now! We hope you enjoy our wiki anmd mentiuon anything you know about hindu temple right here on this wiki!

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